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tomorrow (or today depending on your timezone). working on the illustration now, and then my beta just has to look it over :)

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affirmations from sam winchester, or: things sam would say if he knew we were all listening on a day like today

"We forget, for a long second, that we’re watching a serial killer."

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is someone going to tell moffat that “journey blue”, “pink”, “moon”, “candy”, “pond”, “sparrow”, “nightingale”, and “river song” aren’t actually names or

"The Doctor" isn’t a name either, amirite?

Well, neither is the Queen. It’s a title. It’s not like the Doctor’s actual name is Doctor. With Moffat in charge, it’s probably something like Bluebird Candyfloss.

Anonymous whispered: "yo uo yo um whats th name of the j2 mermaid fic u mentioned before"

When Oceans Rise It’s 3 /? chapters and hasn’t been updated in about a month so bear that in mind.

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you know the friendship’s real when there’s a rumour you’re gay for each other

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MY DAD WAS WATCHING IT WITH ME AND WE WERE BOTH LIKE… “COULD IT BE POSSIBLE?” (also my dad hates daleks he’s terrified of them and he kept mentioning it)

I…kind of like the questions it was asking about morality and what it ultimately exposed about the Doctor. I like that the birth of a star gave a Dalek pause. I like that “life is inevitable, resistance is futile” was it’s ultimate conclusion. And  I also think that it was directed very well. Yes it was interesting. I was pleased. I AM SCARED THAT I AM PLEASED WHAT IF I GET DISSAPOINTED AGAIN?!

Except that I already know i’m going to hate the season finale, BUT BESIDES THAT.

yet another episode that doesn’t make me want to punch somebody. in fact it was actually decent. wow. dare I hope?