ok, but sam following a trail of killings and other weird signs that all point to a demon and when he gets to the town he finds out another group of hunters has gotten there before him and they’re like “we’ve got this” and sam should just leave town but for some reason he sticks around and he tracks down the demon in some warehouse or something. and like, the other hunters follow the same signs so they get there before sam and when sam gets there they’ve got the demon in a devil’s trap with a bag over its head and they round on sam not friendly at all now, all “know somethin’ funny? demon says it’s with you. says it knows you real well” and sam is like ??? and he thinks they’re just bringing up the massive amount of shit that circulated the hunter rumor mill about sam’s secret demon army after lucifer got sprung out of the cage. but then one of the hunters tugs the bag off of the demon’s head and it’s DEAN and sam just stands there absolutely flabbergasted, and dean’s all “hey there, sammy” and sam’s like “dean???” and dean goes “the one and only” as his eyes flash black. and as it turns out the devil’s trap doesn’t do anything to dean, ‘cause he’s got the mark of cain, and really the only reason he’s sitting in it and got himself caught at all is because he wanted to be found by sam so he set up the whole thing. and of course then the other hunters want to kill dean but all their methods don’t do anything, and in the end it’s sam standing in front of the devil’s trap holding off these hunters with a knife and a dangerous look about him, when in the end dean could just get up and walk out of the trap and kill them all. because sam won’t let them kill his brother even if his brother is a demon.

*gets drunk and watches neil degrasse tyson talk about the wonders of the universe*

the sam winchester graphic challenge
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↪ prompt: the sick rose - william blake
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sweet-cherry-dean replied to your post “I need so much demon!dean/blood!addicted Sam I CAN’T EVEN”

I was about to shout (politely, of course) about how you need to draw it, but after some quick stalking, I saw that you already had cause you’re just that awesome

maybe i also have a sam/dean piece planned with demon!dean holding the first blade and sam holding a demon knife. oh and also hair pulling. maybe.

I need so much demon!dean/blood!addicted Sam I CAN’T EVEN

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Come on, Sammy!  Let’s have a beer… talk about it.  I’m tired of playing.  Let’s finish this game. (x)

Anonymous whispered: "*whispers to you* Sam with arm tattoos from his shoulders down to his wrists. Sam with the Enochian tattoos on his chest, on top of his ribs. Sam with a back tattoo... Sam with a tramp stamp tattoo that shows when his shirt slips up enough when he stretches. And all the tattoos have magical meanings."

yeah i bet the tramp stamp has magical meaning, say the right word and you get Sammy as your whore for the night >________>

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"One fan asked each actor to summarize their character’s dating profile and they answered in turn. “Sam Winchester: tall, floppy hair, all past girlfriends have died, tall, call if you’re interested but be prepared to sign an affidavit.” “Castiel: disrespect for people’s personal space.” “Dean Winchester: Rolling through town, no strings attached…interested?” “Crowley: Hello, girls (sexy Mark voice), or Hello, boys (sexy Mark voice).”"
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guys it’s Sunday.you know what Sunday is right?its ‘update that comic you said you’d do’, day.


guys it’s Sunday.
you know what Sunday is right?
its ‘update that comic you said you’d do’, day.