Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge
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Get to Know Me Meme: [1|5] Favourite Female Characters
⇒ Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes)
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+not enough alex drake love on my blog but seriously babe i love you  +ashes to ashes 

btvs appreciation week • day two - favourite pairing or friendship: spike & joyce
      ↪ "Joyce was the only one of the lot of you that I could stand."

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that hilariously bad first draft


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+about me right now  +*SIGHING LOUDLY* 

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+stupid cute adorable  +*makes frustrated noises*  +spn 


my dash is literally nothing but dean taking a shower

also, i hope there’s bloopers or a story of jared shouting obscene things at jensen during this scene just to mess him up please let this have happened

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my dash is literally nothing but dean taking a shower

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+thats not exactly a complaint  +but seriously how dirty can he be 

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+i need to watch parks and rec if only for ron swanson 



I maintain that “she’s a hero, you see. she’s not like us” is one of the most telling lines about Giles’ characterization in the entire series. 

#also this is a tiny little thing  #and it holds barely any significence  #but to me it’s huge:  #Giles puts his glasses on just before he suffocates Ben  #He always takes his glasses off for the hard things the disgusting things the bad things  #he always takes his glasses off so he doesn’t have to see or face what is going on around him in full focus  # he can ignore the horribleness of certain things if it’s fuzzy  #but not this one  #not this time  #and I think that says a lot about Giles too (via ladyknightradiant)

#giles does what needs to be done  #he doesn’t want buffy to sacrifice that sort of integrity but he’ll do it because you know he’s probably done it before  #he won’t mind coloring his soul a little darker for the sake of hers or the world’s  #giiiiiiiiiiles D:  (via the-elusive-ollie)

#When this happened I was simultaneously like  #GILES NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  #and also  #wow that is so spot on for his character I can’t even  #And this is where he continually brushes up against Buffy  #She will never condone killing for the greater good  #And Giles admires that  #but also feels that it is foolish  #and that it is his duty to act as this kind of protector for her and for the world#this is where the Watcher comes out in Giles the most I think  #guh (via 0tterp0p)

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+one of my fav moments  +giles you dark soul you  +btvs